WOMANHOOD: a Letter to Myself

Illustration by Paul Fossett

I tell her to look in the mirror and compliment herself whilst doing that.

I tell her to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

I tell her to enjoy food without regretting the extra calories.

I tell her she’s smart, even when someone tells her she’s not.

I tell her to love herself even with less or without makeup.

I tell her not to overthink during sex and to let her orgasm happen.

I tell her not to care if she doesn’t feel like smiling all the time.

I tell her that comparing herself to other women doesn’t lead to happiness.

I tell her to touch herself more often, because it’s good to make love to yourself.

I tell her that it’s okay if she forgets to shave: hairs on your body are normal.

I tell her to caress her butterflies, everywhere on her body: they need to feel constant love.

I tell her to sing, I tell her to dance.

I tell her surround herself with the people she loves.

I tell her to react if she gets ‘hysterical’: no one has the right to label your mental health.

I tell her that if a relationship doesn’t go well, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve love.

I tell her that it’s okay to cry.

I tell her that she doesn’t have to act a particular way to feel more like a woman.

I tell her to love.

I tell her she’s beautiful.

And she must remember that.