Grrrl: Making Dream (Collaborations) Come True

Lu Williams is the amazing force behind the contemporary DIY feminist community Grrrl. Not only is Lu a Fine Arts graduate, a founder of the Grrrl Feminist Zine Library, and a successful entrepreneur, she is also an incredibly inspiring human with a kind heart and an infectiously positive attitude. We met Lu in South London to talk feminism, time-management and how to turn your passion into a job.

From the first moment we saw Lu, we knew she was going to make a huge impact on the direction Vagina-Nomics will take. Not only because VN evolved from a zine, but also because Lu’s friendly approach made us both go ‘wow, this girl is amazing!’ Lu talks naturally about her work and as if by accident, mentions that what she does brings thousands of people together to discuss and to learn about contemporary DIY feminism.

Lu started the project whilst still at university. She organised workshops and events for her friends and the zine was supposed to be a memorabilia of the thoughts and experiences gained by the participants. In 2017, she organised her own zine launch and a fair. Since then, Grrrl grew organically into a large feminist community ‘creating environment made by and for women’.

Lu is an inspirational role model, a creative muse and a modern advocate of what feminism is really all about.

We asked Lu how she keeps a work-life balance with all the amazing things she does. She strictly commits to two days of work at a gallery, the rest of the week is dedicated to Grrrl. We laughed bitterly at how much time one can spend preparing an event which then lasts less than a day (e. g. a zine fair), but it is all worth it! Developing Grrrl is Lu’s passion so it does not feel like a real job. Similarly, we sometimes catch ourselves creating content for Vagina-Nomics and hours/days can pass before we realise it’s time to take a break. We admire Lu’s business and organisational skills, from finding a venue to collecting artworks to bringing people together who share a mutual interest. All of this whilst always having a big smile on her face. (Excuse the cheesiness but) we simply love her! Lu is an inspirational role model, a creative muse and a modern advocate of what feminism is really all about.

Needless to say, Lu’s work is extremely diverse. Alongside zine making workshops, talks and events, she also launched the pop up library with over 200+ DIY feminist zines on display. From drug addiction to age misrepresentation, the Grrrl Zine Library features works of feminist women (and men) who all create zines capturing their own unique cause. It sounds incredibly inspiring and we cannot wait for the library to relocate to London where we can spend long hours exploring the various messages!

Overall, meeting Lu was a memorable experience (which we will also feature in our magaZINE). Lu went off to more meetings, organising and planning new projects, whilst we couldn't stop talking about her and the amazing work she does. We are so excited about collaborating together in the future and capture it all for you in our upcoming magazine (PRE-ORDER NOW).

Thank you, Lu, for showing us how to change lives through doing what you love! Also, thanks to Lumberjack, a Camberwell-based café helping the youth get into work, for providing us with a great meeting space to discuss the Vagina-Nomics X Grrrl collaboration. Can't wait to share more with you in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!