Equality for Women in Design - Our Goal and Our Mission

Here at Vagina-Nomics, we are strong believers in equality of all kinds. When it comes to the creative industries, we have proved that women can do a great job addressing and solving multiple issues - just read about Meg Abbott embracing body-positivity through picturing nudity, or Lili Murphy-Johnson addressing pain and humiliation caused by periods. However, there is still a long way to go before there is the same amount of men and women paying attention to equality, especially when it comes to the gender gap in employment.

Illustration by Kate Bernardi

As the author of the new book Women Design, Libby Sellers, says, ‘three quarters of student applications for creative industries are women’ but when it comes to filling the senior positions, only a quarter is female. This is unacceptable. Why should women be underrepresented in any industry, especially the one which requires the same set of skills, abilities and qualities from men as it does from women - we are talking imagination, creativity and dedication - none of which women have not been practising for centuries. Forced by the modern age, the women’s clan has not only adapted to new circumstances but has also learnt the more traditional skills. Take heavy lifting, for example, women have been carrying babies, piles of clothes and did I mention the number of items that can fit into a handbag? Come on! Figuring out walkie-talkie or the work-life balance? Senior exec role is a piece of cake in comparison. Women have always been driven by passion, eager to learn and improve. Discussing the gender gap is a part of the ongoing fight for equality which only stops once achieved.

We have not done extensive research and looked through endless papers, but we have spoken to wonderful women who blew our mind away with the amazing work they do and continue to fight for change in the creative industries. Women are experiencing confidence issues, proved by the uncertainty in asking for a competitive pay - as Meg confirms, pricing herself has been one of the most challenging tasks she has faced up to date. Women tend to undervalue themselves, but they deserve more - senior roles as well as respect.

‘Three quarters of student applications for creative industries are women’ but when it comes to filling the senior positions, only a quarter is female.

Women are naturally creative but nobody says that men aren’t. We are all brought up in different environments and trained to implement design-thinking to various scenarios - from home to the office, there are numerous opportunities to solve a crisis through design thinking and women are often the masterminds! So, when it comes to design problems, why is that the majority of decisions are made by men? We need to prove that women can and should do an equally as good creative job as men! Inequality fills us with anger and rage but we decided to create our own solution.

Vagina-Nomics brings together feminist artists who prove that women are extremely capable of making a change - be it in their own circles or in the entire industry. We are proud to be a community which gathers creatives from different disciplines under one roof and through showcasing their work shows that women are successful, beautiful, creative and above all inspirational to one another!

Our mission is to acknowledge, celebrate and inform others, who are fed up with the stereotypes and taboos, that there are many amazing women and men working towards implementing a real-world change in the creative industries. Visit our ‘Artists’ section to find out more.